Sunday, March 2, 2008

CALON 2008 - Mari kita lihat siapa yang menang ...

P107 - SUBANG 84,414
Murugesan Sinnandavar (BN)
Sivarasa Rasiah (PKR)

Datuk Zein Isma Ismail (BN)
Dr Mohd Nasir Hashim (PKR) [ 2004 bertanding Parlimen Subang]

N38 - PAYA JARAS 29,163
Muhammad Bushro Mat Johor (BN) [Mempertahankan kerusi DUN]
Khairudin Othman (PAS)

N37 - BUKIT LANJAN 25,550
Datin Paduka Yeong Dai Ying (BN) [ Mempertahankan kerusi DUN B. Lanjan]
Wong Keat Ping (PKR)


P107 - SUBANG (67,720)
Melayu: 48.94 Cina: 34.47 India: 15.62 Lain-lain: 0.97

K S NIJHAR (BN) 32,941
Mohd Nasir Hashim (Keadilan) 17,481
Majoriti: 15,460
Jumlah Undi: 51,485
Undi Rosak: 1,063
% mengundi: 75.65

N37 - BUKIT LANJAN (19,986)
Melayu: 30.05 Cina: 51.30 India: 17.14 Lain-lain: 1.51

Panneerselvam Varathan (Keadilan) 3,121
Majoriti: 8,339
Jumlah Undi: 14,895
Undi Rosak: 314
% mengundi: 74.1

N38 - PAYA JARAS (24,337)
Melayu: 61.16 Cina: 24.19 India: 14.07 Lain-lain: 0.58

Badrulamin Bahron (Keadilan) 7,122
Majoriti: 3,844
Jumlah Undi: 18,329
Undi Rosak: 241
% mengundi: 74.5

N39 - KOTA DAMANSARA (Baru) (23,397)
Melayu: 52.37 Cina: 30.79 India: 15.93 Lain-lain: 0.91

Mohamad Ariff Md Yusof (Pas) 4,827
Majoriti: 8,099
Jumlah Undi: 18,161
Undi Rosak: 406
% mengundi: 77.8

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Do you have good rest ? ok we will continue our journey into step 2
Step 2: After downloading the source file, you need to store it onto your linux server.

I'm download the source using my XP pc and transfer it to linux using my winscp programme
Then you need to extract the files. For me, I'm put the source to /usr/local/src/nagios
How to extract ? use this command line # tar -xvf xxx.tar.gz { xxx refer to you file names }
As a linux techie, after you extract the files, you need to read the most important file : README
Please read this file ..README, I'm sure this will help you to understand the whole process.

In linux, nothing come with automate installed. Why ..I think it because Linux itself got so many version ...geee Do youknow how many linux out there ? Name it for me ...

ooh.. I'm forget to tell you on PREREQUISITEs , you need this ...
  1. Apache [Httpd]
  2. GCC compiler
  3. GD dev Libraries
Then you can start compile your nagios ...
The step of installation are very clear ... you can read tru the file name INSTALL.htm

Monday, February 18, 2008

My Nagios was down for 6 month due to relocation of datacenter.
This week, I manage to install one old server with

  • OS Fedora Core 5
  • Nagios 3.0rc1
  • qmail rock --> replacing sendmail [ I don't like sendmail]
The configuration setup took 4 days to finish.
I will tell you later on how i do setup my nagios. I'm asumming you already have a linux server in your hand
Tools required :
  • PC win XP
  • Putty [ to ssh to you linux server]
  • winscp [ to put all your download files onto linux server ]
  • scite script editor for windows
  • Good internet connection [ to help you on problem solving & patch downloads]
  • Working LAN
  • Linux id ...I'm using root [superpower heh]
oh also need a litle bit passion, relax and do not stress yourself.
Please put in your mind, anything can be resolve ...

Since you are ready
Step 1: download nagios source code from [ i'm downloading xxx.tar.gz]
Step 2:


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Damm CB400 sound

Speed ..CB400 No 2


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